How will technology affect our everyday lives in 2030?
This is a page created by Anabel, Anna and Rosie

Researching future technology you find many exciting and interesting things in store for us in the future. There are things like smart fridges which measure your fridge content and it works out your shopping list and then sends it to your phone. There are also smart shopping carts which show the ingredients of the product you just put in and it also shows the total cost of things so far. There are also virtual keyboards, smart pens which are like portable computers holding all your data, a makeup machine where you pick your makeup and it applies it for you, robots to help you and many more things. More of these things are being invented everyday to help make everyday life easier to work and to use, making things faster so you don’t have to spend lots of time doing the boring stuff and most of it smaller and more portable...................................... to be continued!!!!

How will technology affect our everyday lives in 2030?
We would probably be more lazy and expect everything to be done for us by technology, but apart from making us a lazy it’s actually quite good, for instance we wouldn’t have to spend all day in a supermarket checkout waiting for your items to be scanned, because they would of already have been scanned as soon as you put them in your trolley. Also when you put your items in your trolley it would automatically add the cost of the product to the total cost, leaving only with a quick swipe of the credit card. In the future of 2030 there might even be teleportation machines so if you are running late for a meeting you could get into your meeting room with time to spare! A prediction for 2030 is video wallpaper even though not many predictions of the past have been successful. It is hard to believe because with what we have accomplished to this day I don’t see why we couldn’t do it. There are so many more things left to invent in the world and so many ideas to explore, not all of the inventions that we think of will work out the way we planned, but in the end the only thing that is limiting us from inventing great things is our imagination.

Tabletop Technology!!
This tabletop technology looks very interesting and it doesnt seem that you even need to leave the house! You can visit virtual restaurants and order your food, you can place your credit card on the table and it takes the bill off it aswell as a tip!! You can do anything you want just from the a table!! Everything is handson! I reccomend watching the video because it gets us excited about the future!

Technology of Everyday Life!
This is a video about a smart fridge and supermarket cart. We think this will work well in the future and that everyone will end up having one in their home. It looks like it is more effecient and understands your needs more and that your fridge will be very easy to use and find things and you will never have to write shopping lists again!

Robots of the future
Robots of the future
Kids will be a thing of the past! It is now all about robots

Virtual keyboard
Virtual keyboard
These virtual keybords allow you to carry around the tiniest computers and gagets and you can just beam out your virtual keyboard. Everything is easier and smaller!

The Child care Robot

The child care robot looks after children by making them look nice, giving them what they want and feeding them well. It has a never ending row of arms and has different compartments full with goodies. This child car robot is what every family needs. It is the ultimate mother.

Make up machine

The make-inator is a machine in the future designed to let you choose your make up and it applys it for you. All you do is select which type of makeup you like and then choose the colour you want. It will then stretch out in to little arms with the right brushes and hairbrushes ect and apply to your face like a professional makeup artist. It is quicker and looks better than doing it yourself.