Congratulations to Deeva - the group leader for this project.

This is the page I might use to give you some more information.
1. Here's the link to the short video clips on how to use this wiki.
2. Here's the link to the help files for wikispaces.
3. Online version of Photoshop: you can sign up for your own account - its free - at Photoshop Express. The link is You can use this site to host your pictures, edit them and also get the "embed" codes to have your pictures display on the wiki.

4. Streaming Video: The most commonly used site for streaming media is Youtube. There are plenty of others too. One site which does this, and that you've used is Voicethread. Remember that you already have an account at Voicethread and it can be used to give you a podcast or video podcast to stream into your wiki.

IMPORTANT: Youtube, TeacherTube and most of the common hosting sites usually have an age restriction - if you are under the age of 17 then you are not entitled to register for an account. (Some say if you have parental approval then you can.). Unless you can provide proof that your parents are happy for you to upload your own video into any of these sites, then take it that they are not to be used to host your own video. Use Voicethread - you can host video as well as pictures there.

5. Audacity (get the download from R drive - the version in the ICT Integration folder). This program allows you to create audio files (use your microphone). These can be saved as mp3 files or wmv files. Here is a tutorial that may help you understand some of the Audacity interface.

Here's a quick 1 minute audio file telling you a little bit about using Audacity.
NOTE: if you want to export as mp3 from Audacity (and you should - its saves heaps of space) the you need the LAME encoder. You can get this from R drive as well. Copy it to your desktop and then when you try exporting the mp3 file you'll be asked to locate it. (You only need do this once)
You'll also find that Atomic Learning has a good tutorial on using Audacity. It is here

Project Help Ideas:
Firstly - remember that we want you to take ownership of the project and decide as a class which direction you want to take it. The concept of what the world will look like in 2030 is very big. It needs some time for you as a class to brain storm what some of the "big questions" are, and then to break each of these down still further so that you can have meaningful chunks that you can work with.
This is where your TASC wheel will help you. So use it! And use it right from the beginning to help you set yourself manageable goals and a timeline to suit.

Your project has 2 main parts.
a. Get you to THINK, be CREATIVE and put some RESEARCH skills to use. You have spent some time recently using Google, Dogpile and Ask to find information, and how to reference what you find. Hopefully you'll use what you learned and apply some of it to where you look for stuff for this project.
b. Get you to use some technologies that will be new to you in which you can show off your knowledge to anyone who wants to look.
We are using a wiki as the main tool for this project.
Hopefully a number of you will also use streaming video (Youtube, Voicethread, TeacherTube, BlipTV etc) to support the information that you have in your topic areas of choice. Some of you should try making your own "interview" using a video camera and upload to a streamimg site to then display on your wiki.
You should also have some audio recordings/podcasts on your site - use Audacity in the first instance for this and add the audio as a file to the wiki.
You should have some photography or original artwork (either created using software or by hand and scanned), again have this hosted on some streaming site (I suggest Voicethread or Photoshop Express).

You only have 1 wiki site - all of your work - the entire class - will be on the 1 site. You should have separate pages for each of the "topics" that you have chosen to investigate as part of your project. Each of these pages will then be editted by the members of the smaller group responsible for it.

The project must be complete by the end of Period 2 on Friday, November 21.

Parents are invited to comment on any aspect of the project via the discussion pages.

Here are some videos that might help give you some ideas - some od these are a bit long, but don't give up on them for at least a few minutes - often messages become clearer once the movie has played out a bit.

VIDEO 1: Nanotechnology
VIDEO 2: Gadgets of the future

House of the Future - cartoon
House of Tomorrow - Cartoon

Computers in the Future
Telephone of the Future?

Flying Cars
Future Cars?