What will it be like in 2030??? How will technology develope in 2030

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The future! What does that make you think about?! Flying cars and flashy gadgets? This is what we came up with! On this blog you can see the gadgets that may be common house hold technology in 22 years!!

The new sunglasses can tell the time, weather and
has a mini gps and the best thing is you
don't need to take it off.
This new car which is shaped like a pumkin
is a new design for the new portable flying car. Come
in different vegetables.
The R0200 is a robotic servent. It caters to your every commad.
Just tell it what you want and it will bring even better.
This dress comes with everything.
Cosmetics, length changer, video calling necklace and many more

So how will life be like in the next 22 years? Many people everyday are thinking, inventing and making things smaller to make life easier and easier. In 2030 your house might have a floating roof or an adjustable bedroom size. But why will things change? Do we really want them too?

In history many pieces of technology have changed. Like the TV for instance. TV used to be black and white and very small. Nowadays TV s are thinner, colored and bigger. In 2030 the technology we have may not even be up to the standards to what they have. They might have transportable TV s which gives you food and drinks. New pieces of technology may help the medically. Doctors could cure people who have HIV/AIDS or other problems. They could bring people back from the dead, stop ageing physically and could stop you from dying. The way we dress may change as well. You must be thinking what does this have to do with technology? Well the clothes we were may tell us the time, were we are going, a to-do list and may even clothes without having to get changed.

Another thing which may be available in 2030 is the time machine. For century’s people have been thinking and trying to invent the time machine. Of course many people have said that it is impossible but you never know…

The impossible can be possible. By Sonia Nair

Pictures of Future Technology

This new toilet has everything.
Computer/t.v, light, letter reader and a
patch of grass which you can grow
This stero looks very complex but is very
simple. It can get you radio channel from all
over the world and can tell you weather in
each country on its screen.
This is another design for a car
in 2030. This cars has 3 wheels and
even if it doesn't fly it is very sleek.

This a video that show the new way of shopping in the future and new technology in 2007.

Pictures from= Fatima

Drawn pictures= Jackie

Paragraph= Sonia