How will Fashion Develope by 2030?
Clothes have evolved so much already through the ages

the 80's...
And Now...

But what will Fashion be like in 2030?

comfy shoes?
new school uniforms?
Recycled clothes

Fashion is very important in the world. Fashion is like art but its even better because you live your life in it, it is used to exprese individuality and creativity. In the future we predict that maybe clothes will be made from different materials such as plastic, cardboard, foam or even recycled paper. Styles will become different everything will look and be more technical, things like jumpsuits metalic colours and simple outfits will be popular. Technology will be put into clothes such as a phone attached to a jacket, buttons to fix the length, width and height of clothes. Shoes could have rockets on them or they could maybe even float (hoverboots) tying laces would be a thing of the past everything will be automated. The posibilities are endless!