What will our technology will be like in 2030?

Technology is changing every day and making our lives easier and easier, but were going to study what technology is going to be like in the year 2030. Pretty much every bit of technology in the future will be touch screen from computers to microwaves.

Mobile Phones-

Mobile phones started off being just a simple way to communicate with people but now they are begining to turn into a fashion item. Brands like nokia, samsung, apple, LG and motorolla are designing them for there looks not what they were actually made for. Pretty soon the earth will be covered by this wireless gride of communication to other mobile phones. Some people think that soon your cellphone will know more about yourself and your world than you do. What can we expect in the future of mobile phones? they might be like a decoration and people would wear them as a badge, watch or even a necklace. Cell phones in the future might be able to tell how you feel or be able to choose what clothes your going to wear.

These are some videos which show what technology might be like in the future:

Phones in the future:

external image imobile_cellphone_watch.jpg external image cell-phone-news-2.jpg

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Soon all computer will be touch no mouse no keyboard. They're turning computers into an illusion for example looking like you playing in water but really your just touching the screen. Computers might turn into cash registers and efpos machines like when you go to a resturant instead of having a watress you have your own screen on your table and choose what you are going to order then you place your card on the screen and it will scan and pay for it. You will be able to place your camera on your sceen and you photos will just appear. Just by moving your fingers on the computer screen you can resize them and make them bigger and smaller, if your playing a video you can turn it round or up and down to face you.

your computer could be stored in a pen and when you touch the infared button it will project onto a wall, it would also project a keyboard onto any flat surface. It would have a fingerprint scanner for security so that only the owner can use it. pretty much everything will have bluetooth and wireless internet, so you can bluetooth your important documents to your watch. In 2020 Keyboards and mouses will be a thing of the past. The pen PC will be the ultimate portable computer.

Future Computer:
external image PenComputer3.jpg


In the future there might not be ipods it will be a ipod,computer,TV and phone in one little device.


Ovens - There will be touch ovens and you can select what you going to cook and it will tell you how long it will take to cook. For example if you want to cook a lamb roast it would tell you how long it needs to cook and you can make it so that if you are having people over at 7 you can have the meal cook by 7:30.
external image P1020131.jpg
Stoves- When you take the cooking off the stove, and then touch the stove it wont be hot.

Sun lounger- It uses magnets to hover and doesnt need to sit on anything.

external image 2.jpg

external image alight_kitchen_3.jpg
You can choose what you want to order on the screen and then the meal
that you have ordered will come up through the blue rectangles.

There will be things like toasters that will cook and put your favourite toppings on your bread, there will be fridges that can tell you what you need to buy at the supermarket. There will be anything and everythnig you could imagine!