In what ways will fashion in 2030, help our everyday lives be easier?
Above is a sketch that could possibly be a future outfit. In the future there will be no need for different seasoned clothes, there will be electronic panelling on the front of each item of clothing that reajusts it's self when in too hot weather or too cold weather, you just need to press the button to do so it is labelled on the picture, the grow and shrink button. There will be a button called the Identification chip, which will notify who you are whenever you go to a shop or a building The clothes will be cheap and affordable so everyone will have them. There will not be lots of fashion trends there will be only one at the time and everyone will wear it.

Everything will be electronic, portable and/or virtual. Like the tennis video, lots of hard sufaces, like the tennis racket, a table top and television screens will be virtual.In the future clothing will be avalible in special clothing shops that you will walk into and it reads how much you wieght and what sizes you fit.It will then bring up a screen that gives you the options of the clothing you could buy. Using your fingers you will scroll through, find something you like and click it on the screen and it will buy it for you, you just need to swipe you card through the robot.